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About Us

  • By buying from us you are supporting a small Armenian business 100% run by the locals.
  • Our tiny family-owned factory is located in Yerevan, Armenia. We use either Italian or Armenian leather. The majority of our bags are hand-sewn.
  • The bags of our luxury collection are machine-sewn such as Artsakh bags.
  • Our customers are usually very unique personalities who don’t blend with the crowd and they have their own style so they prefer not to wear the same brands as everyone else around. 
  • You can choose any of our existing bags which are usually made in 2 or 3 examples or we can fully customize your bag.
  • Please tell us how the bag of your dreams looks like and we can make your dream come true!

Our bags are NOT available in any store in Armenia or anywhere else in the world. 
We normally don’t have ready bags.
It takes time to make each as most of them are hand-sewn and hand-painted. 

Both our leather and paints are of the highest quality so the bags you acquire from us can stay with you for many years if you take a good care of them.

  • We never use print.
  • Each model is tailor-made, completely bespoke based on the customer’s preferences (color, dimensions, design, painting, etc.).
  • For payments we can accept Zelle for our American customers so they don’t have to pay money transfer fees to Armenia.
  • We can sew any bag you like by adding to it an Armenian touch.
  • Our bags are made from 100% genuine leather.

We ship via HayPost which offers the most reliable shipping services. We have never had any single product lost on its way during many years.
It takes from 10 to 25 days for our orders to arrive to the USA from Yerevan.

Shipping to USA

We can ship to any state in the USA from Armenia

24/7 Guarantee

We’re available to answer any questions or concerns via WhatsApp or email.

Easy Payment

We use PayPal or Zelle Transfer, to make payments safe and secure.